Role of Videos in Export Marketing

Role of Videos in Export Marketing


There is no doubt that social media and email marketing are powerful export marketing tools to generate a higher ROI and conversion rates. However, what a lot of people forget is videos can be just as powerful too. After all, over 1 billion people use Youtube every month. Every day there are over 4 billion Youtube video views.

This piles up as mobile devices are becoming more and more equipped with faster internet connection and better screen resolutions. However, when it comes to export marketing, videos can do so much more.


Announcements to the Market

Is this your first time doing business in Japan? Make a video where your announcement is done in Japanese and spread it all over Japanese blogs and social media. Word of mouth will do the rest and before you know it more people will be aware of your company’s Japanese presence than expected.

While it is likely people will browse through and ignore a small Facebook post, they often take a moment to watch a posted video. On average, only 100 out of every 1000 people on Facebook notice a company’s Timeline post but more than 400 will play a posted video.

Those are really good statistics to strategize on, especially if you need to introduce your company and product to a niche foreign market.


Save Time and Keep Their Attention

Remember the mantra of advertising companies: keep it short and simple (KISS). The longer a text document is, the less likely it is that someone will read it from start to finish. Marketing with words is necessary, especially with email marketing, but you can use videos to your advantage as well.

Got something new to sell to your market in Australia? Use a video to portray the message in 3 minutes or less. Reading the words might take ten minutes and this could lose people’s interest but a short video is never considered a bother to people constantly online.


Grab Their Attention and Play with Curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat and with a good video their curiosity will cost them some money as they end up spending more and more cash on your products. A quick but catchy video will easily become viral, spreading like wildfire, and more people will follow links and eventually generate conversions.

This is very important for an exporting business to do export marketing. Bringing a product overseas will not interest a lot of consumers already invested in their domestic sources. Why buy your burgers when their domestic company sells them too and at a lower price?

Use a video to tell them why. Make them want to try your foreign product. Videos use both words and images so you’re knocking two birds with one stone here. Add in a catchy tune and it will be viral in mere hours.




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