Why is Blogging Needed for Export Marketing?

Why is Blogging Needed for Export Marketing?


Isn’t blogging just something hipsters do when they travel from place to place or dine at different restaurants? Isn’t it just for movie critics and opinionated non-profit organizations? The truth is, blogging plays a vital role in marketing especially if you are in the exporting business.


Blogging Builds a Vast Network

You want to build an internal network between your company’s divisions and you will want an external network with consumers and businesses. Blog posts allow you to instantly connect with the readers and even helps build business relations via guest blogs, links to their website and products, and more.

Blogs are also used as a hub for to secretly connect product to business partners, email listings, Facebook followers, and foreign consumers. On one blog you can have hyperlinks connecting one to the other, allowing everyone to interact and connect to all your business portals from one location.


Blogging Creates Company Visibility

Blogging is a great way to build SEO and consumer visibility. It only takes an hour to post a great blog and it gets even easier if you have a separate department dedicated to the job. You can post things not related to sales and focus on more personalized topics that get more people interested in your company’s niche.

For example: a company selling solar photovoltaic panels might want to blog about how cheap solar energy is becoming or how it can help consumers save utility bills per year. This builds interest for your potential market.

When they share the blog to others, you’re building an audience with little to no effort! You just need to get good content on the blog to grab their attention. Word of mouth and social media pretty much does the rest.


Blogging is Intimate with the Consumers

Blogging isn’t just for visibility and SEO. It helps your company interact with the consumers. Not sure if your product will cater to a European market or a Japanese market? Try posting a blog about it and see what the consumers have to say in the comments section.

This will allow you to casually interact with your consumers without having to work on elaborate email listings and others. It’s a little informal and you can’t necessarily track click rates or conversion rates but the feedback is a crucial part for formulating an exporting strategy.


Blogging is Affordable

Setting up a blog site for your exporting business is free but you will need to shell out a few hundred bucks if you want to take full advantage of it. Additional tools like SEO tools, analytic tools, and keyword trending tools are crucial for hitting the intended market.

Still, that is a lot cheaper than most export marketing strategies. It’s not the final nail to hit on the head but blogging is a great platform to reach a niche foreign market and it should be one of your company’s most used accessories.




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