Understanding How Web Usability is Vital to Export Marketing Website

Understanding How Web Usability is Vital to Export Marketing Website



If you are not aware of web usability, you won’t know the important elements that you need to concentrate on to improve the conversion rate of your export marketing website. In other words, you need to understand that web usability for better web performance is something that should be your top priority.



What is Web Usability?


In basic terms, web usability is a quality attribute that determines how your website’s user interfaces are easy to use.


There are 5 quality attributes that usually define web usability. They are:


  1. Efficiency – this is a measure of how fast and easy your website visitors can perform tasks when they are already familiar with the design of your website.


  1. Errors – this is the frequency of errors your users make while using your website, how severe these errors are and how fast they can resolve these errors.


  1. Learnability – this is a measure of the ease by which a first time website visitor can accomplish basic tasks.


  1. Memorability – this is a measure of the memory retention of website visitors, when they return to your website after some period of not using it.


  1. Satisfaction – are your website visitors always satisfied after using your website?



The Important Role of Utility


If you want web usability for better web performance, one key element that you should not ignore is utility. It refers to the functionality of your export website. In other words, it should perform the way the user wants it to.


Web usability and utility always go together. They determine if a website is useful or not. It does not matter if something is easy to obtain, if it is not really what you want. It also defeats the purpose of the website if someone wants to do something but the website does not allow him to since the user interface is so complicated.



Importance of Web Usability


With more and more websites being launched on the internet, web usability becomes a matter of survival. If your website is more difficult to use than your competitors, your target market will avoid your website and use your rivals’ website instead.


Your landing page should clearly state what you are selling and how your product can solve the problems of your visitors. You must clearly state what your company offers and what your visitor can do on your site. If you are not able to do this, they will leave and go to other websites.


If your website is difficult to read, with information that is hard to find, your visitor will leave. They would not bother spending time in figuring out your website interface, or reading a complicated manual. If they can’t find your product, they can’t buy it either.



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