How To Build Quality Links for Export Marketing Website?

How to Build Quality Links for Export Marketing Website?



Even if your SEO optimized export marketing website is hauling in the amount of money that you want, it would never do you good to get overly confident and just sit and relax. The situation in this industry can drastically change without notice, and if you are satisfied with what you now have, you might end up holding up the bag.


But you can rest assure that there is one thing that will not change in SEO – the importance of quality link building. Therefore, if you are focusing your efforts in building quality links, you can let go off the pressures of other SEO matters and you will still relatively be on the right track.


Don’t make the mistake of stuffing your export website with too many links. Quality link building is always tied to relevancy and timeliness. Don’t worry if your links are not that many. It is their currency and relevance that you must be after.


Here are some tips on how you can build quality links for export website.


  1. Examine your export website deeply

Carefully scrutinizing your website and observing what it really does will make it more effective in attracting importer traffic than looking into your competitors and other opportunities.


Ask yourself what kind of opportunities you are offering your target market, and what kind of contents can be used so that you can build quality links that will point back to your website.


  1. Take a deeper look at your market niche

You can only build quality links if you really know and understand your market niches, their needs and what your website, products or services can do to fulfill those needs.


You can start by searching for the following:

  • The types of contents and links that will benefit your niche in terms of conversions, traffic and SERP rankings.
  • The websites where most of your target niche is already using.
  • The gap within your market where you can use to get closer to your target audience.
  • The quality blogs that are already within your niche.


  1. Find a link building site

If you want to build quality links fast, you need to find sites that are well-indexed in Google and are known to be reliable. Since there hundreds of such sites, your first task is to gather sites that are worth considering. Reading the reviews of such sites will be very helpful in making a short list.


Then, do a manual audit of every recommended site and check if their links are truly worthy. You also need to evaluate their link profiles and check if they are really getting a link from quality and relevant sources.


Next, examine the links they are offering if they are really good or not. Always remember that links coming from inside the content are usually the most relevant and most fitting for your export website.



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