Web Conversion Strategies For Export Marketing Website

Web Conversion Strategies For Export Marketing Website


If your website conversion is too low, it’s time to change the approach and examine what’s wrong with your export marketing website. Whether you’re trying to get people to buy your product, fill out a form, register for a webinar or whatever, there are specific steps you can take to whip things up.


  1. Check for Errors and Dead Links

There’s no quicker way of putting people off than an endless stream of error 404 messages and dead links. It also won’t help if content is outdated and no longer relevant, so update your export website and it has to be maintained regularly.


  1. Reach Out to Buyers

It won’t hurt to send an email to buyers asking how the product works and if there’s anything you can do to help. This is a simple but effective way of reaching out to them and showing you care. It will also help to have a reliable and dedicated customer service. In line with that, provide as many means of contact as possible (email, phone, street address, social media, live chat, etc.).


  1. Make a Compelling Headline

The headline is the first thing the visitor reads, so make it compelling. Provide enough information to pique their interest and to keep reading. You don’t need to make the headline too long, but use words and keywords that will encourage them to keep going (such as how to, 5 tips for, etc.).


  1. Make a Strong Case for Your Product

If you want to sell your product, emphasize why it’s necessary. For example, remind them of the health risks brought about by obesity if you’re promoting a weight loss solution. Post links to scientific studies showing the ill effects, while highlighting the benefits of your product. To make this pitch work however, you have to stick with the facts and present a compelling case.


  1. Use Testimonials

These can be in the form of user reviews, video testimonials or before and after pictures. Any or a combination of these is going to increase your product’s credibility and show everyone that your claims have merit.



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