Online Export Marketing and Where It’s Going

Online Export Marketing and Where It’s Going


Export marketing is suddenly going through rapid changes. Even during the advent of the internet and its rise to popularity in the mid-2000s, export marketing remained a mostly offline deal. Companies had to physically visit their target audience and interact with B2B platforms to break deals and build brands.

Suddenly things changed since the iPhone came out. The revolution of smart phones and tablets changed the game all together. Now everything is on the online market because everyone is spending more and more time on their gadgets.

Back in the day, people would only check their emails in the morning and in the afternoon. These days, now that any phone can open email, clients are constantly checking for notifications just about every hour.

It looks like that online export marketing is going to become the trend and never going away.

Planning on reaching out to your foreign clients and target consumer base? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all a must. You cannot miss even one because then you’re possibly losing out on thousands of potential leads.

You may not speak their language but everyone understands Facebook. It’s that simple.

Email marketing is changing as well. You need to work on dynamic HTML email content to ensure that everyone can read the content no matter what phone or tablet they are using. You want to ensure they get a smooth experience whether on an iPad Air or a Sony Xperia Z. Otherwise your email gets dumped into spam folders or deleted permanently.

B2B platforms are also turning to the online world as well. Businesses are working together via social media, blogging communities, publishing infographics, and webinars. Blogging in particular has become a powerful tool for joint business projects because traffic for one company is a magnet for the other.

Another thing to keep in mind of is that the online export trading is now moving at a rapid pace due to online transactions happening every second. While major transactions like B2B wholesales and manufacturer-to-distributor deals take time, market-to-consumer transactions happen in mere seconds.

This is why using third party market places like eBay and Amazon become necessary tools. They’re well established and they are corporate-friendly which makes it much easier for you to connect to an oversea target.

That’s a lot to digest and companies need to get their hands dirty pretty quickly if they plan on catching up with the rapid pace of today’s online world. Putting things together, the future of online export marketing will involve:

  • Online social media is getting more and more necessary
  • Mobile email marketing is steering the target base
  • Online B2B platforms will continue to grow via blogging and webinars, among others
  • Third party market places like Amazon are becoming a necessary stepping stone for any company catering to local and oversea markets


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