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In my last article “How to send email in the legal way for export promotion?”, I mentioned some guidelines to avoid sending unsolicited commercial email. Today, I will discuss another important factor to the success of email promotion.


Generally, there is less chance to close a sale by one email message. It requires more information to persuade the protential clients. Hence, the objective of the email sales letter is to entice the protential buyers to click through to a landing page where more detailed sell information is presented. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the email advertisement.


There are two types of landing pages :


  1. Reference landing page

It presents information that is relevant to the email. These can display more product information, photos, and various links to company website, etc.


  1. Transactional landing page

It generally persuades a protential client to complete a transaction (such

as filling out an order form), with the end goal of closing or converting a

prospect into a customer. If information is to be captured, the page will usually

capture some minimal amount of information (i.e. an email address, name and

telephone no.) – and adds the prospect to a mailing list for further communication and relationship building.


A landing page is a critical link in online communications and can go a long way to

improve email promotion results and drive revenue. Some tips to consider when

developing an effective landing page:


  1. On average, 50% of responders who click through to a landing page leave the

page. Make sure your page grabs attention quickly by restating the call to

action from the email sales letter.


  1. Avoid directing responders to your home page. This approach does not carry

through the call to action from the email–losing credibility.


  1. Don’t ask too many questions if your landing page is a form to be completed. Three to five fields are recommended.


  1. Keep the copy on the landing page short and to the point, but use as much

space as you need to convey your message and land the sale.


  1. Always test call to action text on landing pages to boost conversion.


  1. Add social media integration on landing pages to boost customer confidence in

your brand.


Of course, it is very important to send to the right target customers. Otherwise, all your email marketing efforts will be fruitless. Hence, use the global importers directory as your target contact list for your export promotion.


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