5 Benefits of Trade Fairs for Your Export Marketing Strategy

5 Benefits of Trade Fairs for Your Export Marketing Strategy


A lot of marketing experts these days focus on online methods for their marketing. In a lot of ways, they’re right to do so. Using online marketing is very cost-effective, as you don’t have to spend too much to get results. The Internet, after all, was designed to facilitate communication even across large distances, so why not use it for that very purpose?


But it’s a mistake to limit your export marketing to just virtual means. There is still a place for real-world marketing, and trade fairs are an excellent example. Here are some of the benefits and opportunities which trade shows get you:


1. You can quickly gain a clear overview of the marketplace you are entering.
Marketing involves research, and participating in trade shows offers a convenient means of seeing how things work in the foreign marketplace you are entering. You get a sense of your potential competition, and you can gauge the interest drummed up by your own products. By talking to potential customers and partners, you can gain a lot of knowledge about what their priorities are and what concerns you need to address. You can learn the features in your products which your potential customers like, and the features which you need to improve or even discard.


2. You can reduce the uncertainty.
An unknown market offers a lot of risks, and there are some things you need to know before you can proceed. By gaining the info you require, you reduce the uncertainty considerably.


3. You can build a foundation of contacts.
Trade fairs are great ways to meet people in the business. You can make lots of useful contacts this way, and you may also find potential partners who can help you ease in into the local market smoothly. These new friends can then introduce to more people which can prove useful later on.


4. Fair shows can give you the opportunity to promote even complicated products and services.
Sometimes a marketing channel can be very limiting. How much info can you put into a 30-second commercial on TV or on an ad in a newspaper? It’s all you can do to grab attention of potential customers in the first place.But in a trade fair, you have all the time to hold forth. You can explain at length about all the nifty features of your products. You can hold demonstrations as to how your products work, how effective they are, how durable they are, and how easily they can be used by potential consumers.


5. By employing attention-grabbing techniques, you can garner a lot of interest.
People and other participants can get to know your business and your products better, and they can spread the word to others.



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