Beginner’s Tools to Online Export Marketing

Beginner’s Tools to Online Export Marketing


Introducing your product and company to a foreign market is a little daunting at first. This is why the internet has become a miracle for many small firms that would never get the chance to do so without the assistance of online export marketing tools.

There are many ways to get the ball rolling. You may want to start by using social media to get the brand out a little. Word of mouth does get the avalanche rolling pretty quickly. However, the B2B platform is really where you want to focus because partnering with a company from the target country is a great to build local relations. Attending a trade fair is another way to physically connect with the market.

After attending trade fairs and introducing your company and product to a global market the next thing you want to do is get a little intimate with your potential market. You want to let your audience really know what your product is all about and what your company can do for them.

To accomplish this you will want to try some of the following online export marketing tools:


Tool #1 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is your one-stop shop for anything involving social media. A business is most likely going to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, a LinkedIn account, and more. Juggling all of these accounts across the board can be a mess.

With Hootsuite everything falls in one umbrella. Using one page you can access all of the company’s social media accounts, and interact with the consumer base, post new content and others without having to juggle numerous browsers and tabs.

It’s designed more for Twitter than anything else but that’s fine given the fact that most businesses rely on Twitter anyway in terms of market research, keyword trends, and others.


Tool #2 – Corporate Blog

It might sound amateurish but you will want to make use of your corporate blog site. Remember that the international market can only judge you based on what they see on the internet since they cannot physically visit your office or brick-and-mortar stores.

Blogging is also a great way to build SEO for your company. You can use the platform to post content not really intended for profit such as articles regarding the industry your business performs in or announcements and updates. Hence, setting up a blog is an effective online export marketing tool for your export business.


Tool #3 – Email Deployment Companies

Get Response and Aweber are important tools. You never want to send out mass emails to your potential market with your own ISP. This is a quick path to getting shut down due to spamming. Using these tools are also a great way to ensure your emails are 100% delivered to the audience.

These tools can also maximize how your online platform for export marketing works. With a simple click of a button you can easily redesign the email platform to become optimized for mobile devices and not just standard computer screens.

Besides, you may also consider global importers & buyers directory as your direct email marketing sources of buyers. It covers global buyers of different products for your selection.




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