3 Ways How English to Chinese Website Translation Helps Your Export Marketing

3 Ways How English to Chinese Website Translation Helps Your Export Marketing


Exporting to China is a big step for any company. You’ll be investing a lot to build relations, study the China market, connect with Chinese consumers, and more. One of the very first steps you’ll need to do is to start with English to Chinese website translation and open a Chinese portal.

There is one obvious reason for this: many of your new audience can only speak and read in Chinese so a Chinese website will open the doors for them to become consumers. Around 850 million people around the world primarily speak Chinese and around 450 million people speak it as a secondary language.

But for export marketing purposes there are many other reasons you will want to open a Chinese version of your business site. Here is a look at three very important ones you will want to consider:


Better Chance to Build Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the most effective means of turning interested visitors into paying customers and the same applies even when those visitors are from China.

A Chinese visitor checking out your English page probably won’t subscribe for email updates and newsletters because they won’t see content relative to where they live. Translate and localize your website into Chinese, however, and the situation flips almost instantly.

Paired with good Chinese SEO, local marketing, and social media marketing you’ll be building a long email list of Chinese consumers in no time.


Better Chance to Build Online Relations

You’ll want to invest in trade fairs and opening partnerships with Chinese businesses in order to establish your company overseas. However, that process will take time and money. It will require you to physically interact with other businessmen across the seas.

With a translated website you are now opening your business to guest blogs, free space for backlinking, and other SEO tactics that would never occur between an English website and a Chinese website. Not only are you building SEO ratings for your peers but also for your business.

And everyone understands the value of handy SEO work. It is the bread and butter to earn money online. After all, how can you start exporting goods when no one from China even knows you exist? With a Chinese website this all becomes a much simpler task to accomplish.


Better Chance to Present the Company

Even before you think about going to trade fairs you’ll want to launch your Chinese-translated website. This is because you will want to give flyers, pamphlets, and business cards to everyone you meet, and hopefully that website is in their native language.

When you’re up on the center stage to present your company and its products to your Chinese associates, wouldn’t be helpful to show your website in Chinese? Not only will it be convenient for them but it will also show some conviction on your part.




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