Techniques to Build an Email List Quickly

Techniques to Build an Email List Quickly


Email marketing is going to be your company’s bread and butter in communicating with loyal customers. These are customers who already trust your company and the products you put out. They are interested in what you sell. You just need to use email marketing to push them into making a purchase.

However, email marketing relies on an email list. After all, you cannot focus on email marketing unless there are people to email in the first place. Building your email list is crucial because it keeps leads interested and is a portal to conversions.

Consider some of the following techniques to build your email list pretty quickly:


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is like quick sand. If you do it wrong and don’t put out great content then people won’t care to read it. If you do make good content and post it on a blog that a lot of people read then you’re getting somewhere. People will subscribe, comment, and wait for more blog posts.

This is a great way to both advertise and to hook them into your email list. Just make sure you focus on good content instead of keyword stuffing and other quick shortcuts that would get you penalized.



Have you shopped at Amazon lately? Every time you make a purchase they send you an email receipt. This receipt is yours and it details all the information regarding your order but it also has a link to a sign up form. That links brings online users to a leadpage on Amazon where they can become subscribed customers.

It’s simple and it allows customers feel like they have more options and benefits.


YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are very powerful assets when used right. Focus on good quality content to advertise a product or service and use annotations to bring viewers to your signup page. Add the same link on the description box and invite people to comment on the video and interact with your company’s social media pages like Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, and Pinterest.



Facebook and Twitter are mega-giants when it comes to gaining a bulkier email list but Pinterest is giving them a run for their money. Pinterest focuses entirely on visuals and a single click on a photo you upload may bring them to your signup page.

People are stimulated when they see the things they like so use Pinterest to your advantage. It’s free and there are so many ways you can manipulate it. You can even use it conjunction with your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Important Tip – Make Signing Up Easy

The moment a user has to jump through rings of fire to subscribe they will be gone in mere seconds. Make sure it is easy, quick, and effortless to signup. When the user signed up in seconds after a page has loaded then you know you got the page’s design and format right.

Finally, you may consider global importers & buyers directory to start your initial email marketing campaign and build your email list.




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