Why is Email Marketing an Effective Strategy?

Why is Email Marketing an Effective Strategy?


Marketing your company is a very crucial part in the trek to success. Marketing online is becoming even more important because more people stay online longer and more frequently as each year passes by. This is why email marketing is always stated to be a necessity in formulating online marketing plans.

Email marketing is always touted as a top-tier priority but many companies fail horribly. Their subscribers give out negative comments, mark their emails as spam, or even end up unsubscribing after some time.

This is because they fail to see how and why email marketing is so effective. You need to understand why it is efficient in order to learn how to use it. Consider some of the following:


Email Marketing Has a Higher Reach – a Facebook page is great but after liking it, most users tend to hide updates and new posts from their Timeline. Emails on the other hand are more likely to be opened, read, and interacted with.

Yes, there is a high chance of your emails getting discarded but with the right strategy you can hook more subscribers to open them and read them before anything else.


Email Marketing Has Minimal Risks – you won’t be spending over $10,000 a month for click ads and the like. Even if you purchase high-end apps and software to optimize email lists and email content, it still will be incredibly more affordable than paying per every click of an ad.

Yes, they are two different marketing strategies (advertising reaches for new prospects while email marketing turns leads into conversions) but building loyal consumers is a far stronger pillar  to lean on than spending thousands to get new consumers who might not push through.


Email Marketing is Easier to Start With – if this is your first online business then you will be surprised at how difficult online marketing can be. You’ll need to focus on Google analytics, SEO results, backlinks, blog posts, in-house marketing, click ads, and more.

However, email marketing is much simpler. It is easier to grasp and easier to master so long as you take the time to understand what it is used for and what strategies work to gain higher conversions.


Email Marketing is Flexible – it doesn’t matter whether you sell video game merchandise or you sell industrial tools for construction because email marketing is useful for just about everything. You are sending emails to people who have subscribed because they are interested in your products so by that alone you are concentrating on your niche market.

You can use email marketing to promote a new product, promote a new rewards system and gift items, give out discount coupons to specific customers, and advertise products that relate to each customer’s shopping habits.


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