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How to promote your export marketing website to global importers using internet marketing?

Author : Leadxpress.com


Since international buyers & importers search product information and purchase from exporters using internet, more and more foreign trade enterprises set up their foreign trade export marketing website and apply both internet marketing and offline marketing strategies (e.g. trade fair and exhibition marketing) in their export marketing mix to promote their products worldwide. In order to attain best effect, we list some steps and points to be noted as below:


1)      Get a good domain for your site

For the best effect in internet marketing, it is vital to set up an foreign trade export marketing website as the first step to start. Before proceeding to build the website, it is especially important to register a good domain which should be short, easily brandable, easy-to-remember, and contains the important keyword or search phrase if possible, so that it will facilitate website promotion and brand building latter. Continue reading

How to use foreign trade website to effectively expand international markets?

Author : Leadxpress.com


Expanding international markets is vital for foreign trade enterprises and export manufacturers to survive and grow. No matter what kinds of export promotion or marketing strategies you used, a key factor to success is your foreign trade website. Why ?


It is true for the following reasons:


1) High trade platform competition
There is a mis-concept in many foreign trade enterprises that a web presence with the product images will attract buyers and close transaction. Hence, many export companies set up their websites on the B2B export portal without actively and seriously building their own foreign trade export marketing website. Since these sites in the B2B export portal are displayed in the similar form, it is unable to highlight the characteristics of enterprises and their products. Hence, it is very difficult for the business to attract international buyers’ attention among the fierce competition of many similar sites on the B2B export portal platform. Even though the international buyers can find your products, it only starts with a low price competition among your competitors at the export portal. Your export business falls in the low-level OEM manufacturer bottleneck. Continue reading