The Real Purpose of SEO

The Real Purpose of SEO


When people think about SEO they think it is solely there as a means of driving traffic to a website. They think that SEO is the reason why your website ranks on top of the others in regards to Google search results. Those are the old concepts of SEO and as today’s internet rapidly changes, so does its purpose.


SEO – Generate More Conversion!

There’s no trick here. When experts talk about SEO they really just want to know how much money you’ve earned with your website. After all, isn’t that the end goal of all your SEO efforts? The reason why you keep adding content, why you guest blog, why you use social media: isn’t it to generate sales in your export marketing ?

Do not judge the success of your SEO efforts on page rankings. A website might top the page ranks but if leads aren’t buying anything then what’s the point? Why celebrate for a page rank when profits are the real goal at the end of the day?

Good SEO generates more conversions. Yes, better page ranking helps drive more traffic but when all has been said and done the reason you want that traffic is because you want more people to buy your products.


Physical Marketing World

Just look at it from the marketing world of physical, offline businesses. A street vendor might have hundreds of people passing by to look at his or her items for sale and they might even be featured on blogs or local newspapers. However, they won’t judge their success by how many people passed by.

They will judge their daily success by how much money they earned.

Big companies do it too. They’ll spend a lot of money on TV advertisements, radio advertisements, flyers, pamphlets, and more just to bring people in but they won’t call it a success until people buy things from them.


Content is Still King

What all this boils down to is the mantra of smart SEO: content is king. Yes, title tags, meta tags, keywords, backlinking, and all that jazz is important but none of them matter if your site’s pages are empty, boring, awkwardly written and stuffed with keywords or links leading to empty 404 pages.

Someone clicked on a link that lead to your Homepage – great! However, just five seconds in they realize there is no indication what your site is about. Navigation tools aren’t properly integrated and there’s only a 100-word sprawl that barely lets the visitor know what they’ll expect from the site.

In mere seconds they’ll hit the back button and never return. All those great tags, backlinks on guest blogs, Facebook, and Ezinearticles, and others will mean nothing because the visitor didn’t see content inviting him or her to continue exploring and eventually placing an order.

Hence, SEO concerns not only bringing more traffics from search engines to your site but also user experience and conversion. It is vital in your export marketing strategy and should not be overlooked.




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