Why should Trade Fairs be included in Export Marketing Strategy?

Why should Trade Fairs be included in Export Marketing Strategy?


There are many reasons why it makes sense for an export marketing company to participate in a trade fair, but first and foremost it is cost effective, offering you a marketing solution that’s easy on the pockets. While other methods in exporting marketing are expensive, trade shows are affordable and appealing to people.


Reach Your Target

One of the reasons why trade fairs remain popular is they provide companies with a quick and efficient way to reach their market target. Unlike other marketing strategies, a trade fair ensures that your product and service will be advertised among people that are interested in the idea and concept. Even if these trade fairs last only a few days, they usually draw thousands of people, all prospective clients and customers who want to know what your product is about.


In addition, these trade shows give you access to a new audience. Aside from retaining your old clients, trade fairs represent opportunities for you to get in touch with people who are interested in new products. If you’re in the export business, no matter how successful you may be, it’s important that you reach out to as many potential clients as possible, and trade fairs offer you that opportunity. For instance, you can use a trade fair to promote a new product or re-launch your service.


Face to Face with Clients

There’s no question that the Internet plays an important role in export marketing, but that doesn’t mean trade fairs and other marketing endeavors are no longer necessary, far from it. While online technology is very convenient, trade fairs offer a more personal touch, allowing you and your staff to get in touch with your customers, adding a nice personal touch to your company’s image.


Building Rapport and Relationships

Trade fairs also offer direct personal interaction with potential clients that cannot be established elsewhere, and as anyone in the business can tell you, it’s very important to set up a connection with your clients as soon as possible. Aside from showing a human face to your business, a trade fair is also the perfect place to give away your email, website or business card.


Generating Sales Lead

The relationships and impression you create in trade fairs opens channels for additional sales leads, and it’s possible to spot a new market segment that you have not set foot in yet. Or you can use the trade fair as a platform to investigate areas you can export a product to. Finally, a trade fair is a good avenue for small export marketing businesses to establish themselves and get noticed. Remember, once you meet a potential client in a trade fair, it could turn out to be the deal that turns your business around, hence its importance.



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