Email Marketing for Higher Lead Conversions

Email Marketing for Higher Lead Conversions


If you thought email marketing was dead then think again: the McKinsey & Company did a survey in 2012 and discovered that emails acquire over 40% more conversions that Facebook and Twitter combined. Yes, emails bring in more money than both social media giants put together.

However, converting your subscribers/readers into paying customers isn’t a matter of just flooding their inbox with promotional ads and links to new products. Generic emails are the quickest route to their spam box.

How to use email marketing for higher lead conversions? Consider the following tips:


Tip #1 – Send More Email

It’s only human nature to think that sending too many emails will be annoying and lead a person to unsubscribe but a study by Hubspot discovered the exact opposite. The study showed no relation between frequency of emails, unsubscriptions, and click through rates.

You want to constantly remind your readers why they subscribed in the first place. Just make sure the content is actually worth reading. Give them good deals, promos, discounts, and links to high-quality blog posts or press releases making major announcements regarding your company or products.

The perfect limit is to send around 5-7 emails a week. One email per day is a very good standard so long as you make each email unique. If you don’t have enough content to send that many emails then 3 per week is a good way to keep reminding them of your presence.


Tip #2 – A/B Test with Your Emails

Don’t just settle with one type of email. Switch things around to see which email works best with your readers. Send one type of email with a different content format and subject line to one group of customers and send another email with a different subject line to the others.

The subject line, HTML format, and wording of the call to action will be different but the content should be the same. This will help you determine which subject lines and email templates generate higher conversions and which ones are ignored.

A/B testing with your subject line is also very important because you want to know what kind of subject lines will push the readers to open the email.


Tip #3 – Time of Day Click Through Rates

You will also want to experiment with the time of day that you send these emails. Flip things around every now and then to see when your readers are most active.

Sometimes all it takes is to send an email at the hours your readers are online, busy with Facebook and their online games. They’ll see the notification, click and read the email, and buy something simply because the content caught their attention at the right moment.

One good way is to check the time of purchase on your site. Look for the hours where the most conversions occurred and target those consumers at those hours.




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